Rick Townson now in Key West! AGAIN!

I am back where it all started. After passing my two year anniversary out of Cuba on April 9 here in Key West, it feels like home and I look forward to promoting my book here.

One Responseso far.

  1. Omar Fernandez says:

    Mr. Townson,
    The only fault I found upon reading your book was the ending. Not how it ended, but the fact it did. As a neighbor of yours in the Keys and an immigrant of Cuban descent, I can appreciate the accurate and heartfelt words and was left wishing there were more!
    Here’s hoping that you regained your senses after your much deserved release and realized that although Obama’s intent was well meaning, his change in policy did nothing to improve relations, or, more importantly, the quality of Cuban’s lives in that hellhole that used to be my beloved homeland.
    Many thanks for an entertaining read.

    Best regards,

    Omar Fernandez

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